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Time For Etsy is a weekly series with tips and suggestions to help you find time for managing your Etsy business. It features Etsy sellers and a time saving tip they use when running their Etsy business. If you are an Etsy seller and wish to be featured please click the Get Feature link above. 

jumpsuit size 2 blue and red ONE OFF ....SALEI am Jack and my business partner is Flea (real names Melissa and Heidi) we are best friends and create mostly one off designs in childrens' wear, women's wear and accessories. Which our Etsy shop features, we also Sell on felt and we keep pinning alive with supporting others as well as ourselves on pinterest
and if that's not enough we have out trusty facebook page.
Etsy Time Saving Tip

For my Etsy, while I am sitting down doing something that requires not much attention like tv, I work on my listings. I will list them all and just save them in Drafts to go back and proof them all later before I post them

Also with photos, as soon as Ive edited the taken I've photos I organise them into folders. For example women's Tops, Newborn Headbands, jewlery etc... so when I'm ready to Use them I can find them easily, then once i have Finished with them I make another folder within that folder and put them in there so they are still organised but the new photos that come in will have space to be seen easily and fast.

I also have a word document with things that I write all the time and copy and paste it into the listings, like my size chart and Jack and Flea handmade in New Zealand

As part of Etsy to try to get noticed I create treasuries often I go through and favourite things in one go that I would use in my treasury, since this can take time finding the right things for them and then the next day or when I have more time go back to my favorites and create the treasury then and I can choose out of the things already set before me.

Other Time Saving Tip

Coat- girls yellow checkered jacket size 5When I am making my garments and accessories, I cut out all things that I want to make first, sort them into colour so I don't have to change thread and sew them on another day. But it saves time having everything ready to go when you want it.

Also things like when I stop for my coffee while the jug is boiling I do the dishes or wipe down the benches so i can focus on my work and all the little bits and pieces of house work that need doing still get done and its no hassle.

And errands, when you have a buissness errands can take up so much time, so plan it out. Think about areas you are visiting and everything in that area do on that day, or other wise just schedule in a day where you go out and do all your errands so you dont have lots of popping out visits that chew up time.

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