Home Remedies for the Cold

Last week I had the flu. It was horrible!

As the weather is changing here in Australia, many are down with the flu. Since I take public transport and work with different people all day there was no way I could escape from catching it.

I went to the doctors to get something to cure it, unfortunately based on my symptoms I was told I had the 'common cold (flu)' although I wasn't feeling very common about it! Here was my symptoms -

1) Body ache and headaches
2) Runny nose but clear
3) Cough but dry not to phlegm-y
4) Fever (I had a low grade fever)

The 'common cold' is a viral infectious disease which unfortunately, does not have a cure. Although there are lots of remedies out there including this one, they only ease symptoms and help the body to heal sooner or feel better. However they do vary in effectiveness from person to person.

Anyways this is my list -
1) Positive thoughts!
2) Chicken Soup for the Cold
3) Congee - rice porridge
4) Lots of warm honey and lemon
5) Stay warm
6) Mild exercises and stretching

I will link some recipes soon!

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