11 Things to Do While Waiting for Water to Boil

It is such a waste of time to stand around and wait for something to happen. So here is a list of ideas of things to do while you wait for water to boil for tea, for eggs, to steam vegetables... etc. They are all in the kitchen so you wouldn't have to be far from your boiling pot!

1) Prepare your cup/ bowl - if you making tea you can get your cup and tea ready

2) Do the dishes - best time to get some dishes washed

3) Tidy up kitchen bench - put away all the stuff and throw out your tea packet

4) Wipe kitchen cabinets - best time to wipe off that spilled soup of your cabinet doors!

5) Wipe fridge doors - keep them bacteria free.

6) Grocery list
- go through your fridge and pantry, list down what needs to be bought

7) Clean out appliances - turn your toaster upside down over your sink and shake.

8) Fill spice jars - give them a wipe down too.

9) Throw out expired food - urgh!

10) Change towels - time to change hand towels and drying towels

11) Organize bags - place all your shopping bags into a bag organizer.

And your water should be boiling by now! Happy multi-tasking!


  1. LOL, this is such a cute and useful post - Like 2 minutes when you have to leave the conditioner on in the hair, the 2 minutes you wait for water to boil for tea are the longest!!:-) You have a lovely blog! Came here via 'blog love therapy' blog-hop and now following! I'd appreciate if you please check out my blog and follow back!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    1. Jyoti! That is such a great idea about the hair thing, hope you don't mind me stealing that one!

  2. great ideas! i usually finish the other elements of the dish i'm making while the water is getting ready to boil, but i'll definitely be trying some of these suggestions! New Follower! Can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  3. Great tips. The one that I usually do is the dishes. I hate doing dishes but it seems to go a little faster if I am waiting for water to boil or something to finish cooking.

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  4. Love this post! I sometimes find myself staring at the water because I am so hungry! Found your blog through blogging buddies and now your newest follower!
    Stop by my neck of the woods!

  5. Great post, I usually wash the counters and do the dishes while waiting :)
    Newest follower from Blogging Buddies