Preparing for Craft Pop-Up Shop - DIY Paper Bags

I am preparing for the Spring Spirit Craft Pop-up shop and decided to make my own paper bags to put a little Kotona touch on it. So it started out with trying to sew a cut up part of my business cards on to brown paper I use for packing. This is only because I didn't have glue at home and wanted to see how it looked sewn.

Not bad! I decided to keep the idea. Next I wanted to make a handle with what I had at home. Jute cord was the only thing I can use, as I use it to tie my packages which I sent out. Now this has to be an easy no- brainer packaging as someone else might have to do it for me. Since most of my items are light, I decided to have the opening at the bottom instead of the top, so I can fix the handle to the top.

Looking good, only need to rotate my brand name and it will work. Next, I decided to come up with 2 sizes - a smaller one for single smaller items and a larger one for larger or multiple items. Measure, measure, cut and cut, then stitch!

Lastly I needed a way to seal the bottom. I found this really cute Thank You sticker and thought it did go well with the rest of my packaging and items. Yes! Packaging done!

This was shared live on my instagram


  1. So cute! Good luck at the show! I was just at the One of a Kind show in Toronto 2 weeks ago.. I know it's a lot of work, so have a good time!

    1. Thanks Maddy! Finger crossed all will go well.