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My name is Linn Warme and I'm a illustrator and artist from Sweden, with a degree in Textile Art. I often work with the nature and the fauna here in the north, I like to start my work with drawing and/or painting and from there I make patterns, jewelery and all kinds of things from my illustrations, which some I sell in my Etsy store. I like to mix handmade illustrations with digital work.
Double Love Bird brooches
I always love to try new things and materials and I think my shop reflects my love for making things, you'll find a huge piece of my creativity in my store.

Linn's Time Saving Tip
I have designed some pretty boxes to send my jewelry in. I print, cut and fold everything at home in my living room, so to save time (and messiness) i like to make a bunch of them at a time, so when i do make a sale i don't have to start with making a mess taking out the printer, cutting board, knife and glue. Its ready to ship in a lovely handcrafted box. So bottom line is, my advice is make one thing at a time, and while doing it, make a lot of it!
Colorful Flower earrings
To keep things organized and to remind me of what I should do next I use a app and website called Evernote, which basically is a customizable checklist that can help you keep your life and Etsy organized. Another great feature is that is synchronizes between devices, so I can write some note in my iphone and then check it out later on my computer.
Time For Etsy is a weekly series with tips and suggestions to help you find time for managing your Etsy business. It features Etsy sellers and a time saving tip they use when running their Etsy business. If you are an Etsy seller and wish to be featured please click the Get Feature link above

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