helsinki suburbsHere we are, Helsinki! I am not too sure if this was the best time to move to Finland, as it is a shock to our senses moving from +30C degrees to -10C! But the first few days it did feel like we were in a winter wonderland. Anything that was a horizontal plane was covered with white soft snow! I absolutely loved every thing I saw.

Quickly reality kicked in and the snow decides to melt over the next few days of our arrival. I still did think it was really pretty where we were staying, which was a suburb 20 mins out of the city. The sun shined a little and cast a very soft light over the trees and cute little homes.

Christmas markets senate square
Helsinki in the city held various interesting events and markets during the Christmas holiday period. One of which was the interesting Juolokauppa, which means Christmas shops outside the Senate Square. There we came across many artisans working with a world of different materials! There were knitted hats, scarves and dolls, there were makers of foodstuff like pickls, preserves and sausages, and then there was a blacksmith! It was really an amazing experience, also because it was the first time I was in such freezing temperatures!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take too many pictures as my hands hurt every time I took of my gloves. But I heard you'll get used to it and looking forward to that.


  1. Hi Katona, thanks so much for leaving me a sweet comment on my Mudroom post on my blog Little Brags. I tried to reply directly to your comment but you came up as a non reply blogger. I see you live in Finnland? awesome....I am from Germany originally.....Greetings from WA State. Will follow you as well. Christine from

    1. Thank you Christine. I just moved her recently and love it!