How to Make the Most Out of Your Day

We all have that one day when we just have too much to do and too little time. If you are preparing for a full on day, then here are 5 great steps to ensuring you get as much done as possible. Planning should start the day before.

1) Have a good start
Starting your journey on a half empty tank is bound to get you only halfway there. This is the same case if you are planning to get lots done in a day without a good start. Start your busy day off with a good breakfast so your mind is as sharp as it can be.

2) Make a list
The best way to get everything done and not forget something is to make a list. List down your plans or goals for the day
and don't leave anything out no matter how small a task it is.

3) Prioritize
We only have 24 hours in a day and no matter how hard you try to rush, some things will take longer than others or would be dependable on someone else speed. So start prioritizing what you need to get done by order of importance or urgency. Put above the rest those you have to get done today and at the bottom of the list what you can leave till tomorrow.

4) Strategize
Next you need to take note of any item on your list that will depend on certain opening hours of a business or office, needs to be done in the day (eg: hanging out laundry) or would require waiting time (eg: same day photo printing). Also if you need to travel keep things on your list close by grouped together. Now you can re-list your items by time and location.

5) Execute - but don't sweat the small stuff...
Time to put those plans to action! Don't get disappointed if you have to leave out not so important things to get the important things done. But remember that things that are not urgent today might get more urgent tomorrow, so make sure they are higher up on the list tomorrow.

At the end of the day you will be amazed by what you were able to achieve in a day! 


  1. Found your blog on the Friday Bloghop. I always like a good post to encourage me to be organized. :)
    I'll read this one again to re-energize.

  2. oh my, your blog is so inspirative!
    i'll try to make this soon <3
    anyway, following you now, follow me back?

  3. Since we can't fit more hours into a day, this post makes a lot of sense. I am a list maker too. I got this great app for my phone. It's a To Do list and it's perfect. It just isn't the same as seeing my list on a sheet of paper.

    1. I prefer the old fashion list on paper too. You can't 'close the screen'!

  4. now I am drowning my tongue with ice cream
    its really hot in indonesia. whoaa
    anyway, thank for your follow <3

    come and see my blog again if you have time <3

  5. Very inspiring!

    I found your blog through the blog hop - so glad I did, I love it! xx

  6. ahh such good ideas! i always make lists everyday i cant live without them lol! x

  7. I definitely need to take some advice from this post! I just started following your blog this week and you are a fantastic writer. Thank you for visiting :)

  8. I couldn't agree more! I always start my day out with a good breakfast that includes a healthy amount of protein. Like you, I'm also a total list maker. It helps me visualize everything that needs to be done. Great tips! It's so nice to meet you!